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Masters in France - Flexin'

An evolving music video




Disclaimer: View at your own risk, potentially NSFW. Don't blame us, blame the internet.

Masters in France - Flexin'

We have randomly selected a lyric for you...

Step 1

Shoot your vine inspired by the theme

Step 2

Tag your vine & upload to twitter with


Step 3

Your vine will be added to the video is a continuously evolving music video that syncs vine films and their #hashtags to song lyrics.

It introduces the musical talents of young Welsh rockers 'Masters in France' and the directorial skills of you, the Vine community.

Flexin - Flexin - Single

Vinetune is a democratic tool. Next month we hope to showcase a new track. So if you're a DJ or in a band and you'd like your music 'Vinetuned' then please get in touch.

Thanks for visiting, Joe, Cal, Pete, the Vinetune team.


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